Spoiler of One Piece Anime Eps 1043

Spoiler of One Piece Anime Eps 1043 – The full One Piece 1043 spoiler has been released and various surprising things have happened to Monkey D Luffy.

The giant elephant noticed Joy Boy’s voice which he had heard 800 years ago from inside Luffy. Here is a full review of One Piece 1043.

Kaido is shown again brutally hitting Luffy, on the other hand Luffy shows his determination to not lose to Kaido. Luffy continues to use all the skills he has until the end. For Luffy, he wants to use all his strength to be able to expel Kaido from Wano and restore all freedom from the residents of Wano. Slot Mudah Menang

Chapter 1043 has the title “We Will Die Together” or “We Will Die Together.” The chapter itself opens with the narrator reporting that Kaido won the battle against Luffy, after chapter 1042 Kaido was shown successfully beating Luffy until he was unconscious. Agent CP-0 who interfered with Kaido and Luffy’s fight was also beaten by Kaido. Situs Slot777 Gacor

There is a moment that shows the moment of “farewell” from the agent CP-0. Although there is no confirmation that he died at that moment, it can be determined that he died after being attacked by Kaido. The story then moves to another part of the palace, where Kawamatsu begs the samurai to set off to escape from Kaido’s castle. Daftar Slot Paling Resmi

For Kawamatsu, there was no honorable death when they were burned to the ground. Kaido also later arrived in the palace and told everyone that Luffy was dead. Kaido also said that Momonosuke must surrender himself. Kid and Law also later felt that Luffy had lost and they had to join the fight. Slot Online Gampang Jp

Nami who heard about this thought Kaido was a liar. Kaido also tried to attack Nami, but Marco managed to protect him. Kaido also said that he wanted to keep fighting until Momonosuke gave up. Nekomamushi and Carrot decide to join the fight against Kaido. Momonosuke himself said that he wanted to turn himself in because he didn’t want anyone to die.

However, Yamato later defended Momonosuke not to do it. Yamato even said that he wanted to die with Momonosuke. After that, epic moments also intertwine. Zunesha is shown talking to Momonosuke. Zunesha said she heard a voice she hadn’t heard in a long time, the same sound she heard 800 years ago.

Momo also asked about the sound that Zunesha interpreted. And after that, Zunesha re-explained that the sound that he intended was the sound of the drums of liberation. And what’s amazing is that Zunesha then said to Momonosuke that the “form” was here. Momo himself wondered who the form that Zunesha was referring to.

Zunesha explained that the form he intended was Joy Boy. For him, Joy Boy’s form is finally back. There was an extraordinary moment at the end of his garden. In one panel it is shown how Luffy’s body and his straw hat melted, and after that something strange happened to Luffy. Luffy also seems to be smiling while unconscious. This is a formal confirmation that Luffy is the form of Joy Boy, the form that has been waiting for a long time.

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