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I am a football fans, very very love soccer, soccer is my second wife, I like Barcelona and Manchester City football club, I love Messi and Guardiola, i every enjoy they are play football match, i also low their soccer goalkeeper jerseys; Related Homepag, jerseys, I buy too many jerseys from AD and nike shop, but the price is every expensive, i am a worker of building, dont have too many money, so I buy more cheaper jersey from this website: soccerjersey-wholesaler.ru, it is my friend introduce for me.
These soccer shirts are fantastic. The neck isnt too snug or loose (like almost ALL undershirts seem to be!! Wtf?) These are thin but not too thin where you see your skin color through them. I work in the desert heat and these help the most to keep me a bit cooler. Very happy I finally foundshirts that I like! I cannot believe how difficult it was to find something I didnt want to replace. Also, so far no staining on the pits etc like cotton and other fabrics do. Its still early on so not sure how they hold up with time but so far, very happy! Bought 5 to get through the week.

Update: been a couple months now, many washes later and daily wear… I have no idea what people are complaining about with an odor but I have had zero issues at all! I hang dry mine after a wash using a small amount of detergent and vinegar together. I honestly only come back to update this because some of these reviews seriously came close to steering me away when these shirts have been my best find yet after many years of trying to find something I like that holds up. Should I need more, I wouldnt hesitate to buy these again!

Update: the white shirts do tend to yellow and stain especially in the arm pits. Ive tried using heavy bleach and soaking etc and it just doesnt want to come out. I do love the shirts but the yellow staining definitely sucks. Trying darker colors soon

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