Amazing the quality and Practical soccer jerseys

These soccer jerseys perform as advertised. Sounds kind of gimmicky but it does work. Now, don’t expect the miraculous. It doesn’t help you stay that cool if you’re just standing in the sun. (But you still get the sun protection.) The shirt works when you’re at least walking and get a small breeze. When I wear this soccer shirt and psv jersey walk, it feels pretty close to being shirtless because of how it wicks up your sweat. It really does work.
My primary use for the shirt is watch a football match, and play football. It works really well for that.same as real one, can not different by eyes
I’m 6’2″ and thin. I ordered the Large and was happy with the form fitting fit.
I also love wear this to working. I have to wear a grey cotton shirt under my work polo which is black so in summer it’s horrible considering I work outdoors. These are the same tone as my cotton undershirt so it works as a great substitute and helps me from over heating. They do absorb sweat but remember to to wash them often as they do not mask the small very well LOL. Which is not a big deal as I wear a clean one every day. I have 7 and will be ordering more

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